Veterinary Cremation Services Viewing and Condolence Room


To Daniel and the wonderful staff at VC Services

We would like to offer our sincerest gratitude to you and your staff for the way you handled the cremation of our dear cat Micky. As you know it is a very difficult time for any pet owner but the sensitive and caring approach by VC Services made things much easier for us. We felt as though we were dealing with someone who recognised that customer service and compassion are the cornerstone to delivering a great outcome.

We were delighted to be able to spend as much private time with Micky in your viewing room, which gave us the opportunity to see and touch the little guy one last time. 

He looked as though he was sleeping when you bought him to us in the basket and when it came time to let him go it felt as though he was going happily and peacefully.

Everything from our initial discussion on the phone, the collection of the pet from our vet, the viewing, the selection of a suitable urn and the return of Micky's ashes was all handled with so much care and attention. We were delighted to be able to honour our little guy with such great service right to the end and even more delighted when his ashes were returned to us within a couple of days in the beautiful urn we had chosen.

We would recommend Daniel and his wonderful staff to any pet owner thinking about cremation - you won't find a group more in touch and empathic to what you're going through. We take great satisfaction in knowing we can take him with us wherever we choose to go.

Thank you Daniel & Staff!

Simon & Britta Meehan - Glebe, Sydney (Contact details available from Daniel on request)


To Troy, Daniel and Dave,

I am writing this letter to say a big thank you to all you guys.

My wife and I appreciate the treatment Daniel gave us, during the sad passing of our beloved dog Khan. Given the circumstances in which we had no choice but to put Khan down, and having Daniel come and pick him up, a couple of hours as planned, as we needed to mourn while Khan gets cremated, everyone bar VC SERVICES said no. I wanted to make sure that we were going to get Khan's ashes back, and not a mix or worse case scenario, timber ashes. Reading a lot about these places, and the way some of the places do multiple cremations, I think is so misleading, and wrong. You need to bring your loved one home, not a mix of ashes. On arrival to VC Services, we were greeted by Troy the manager, whom was most understanding of our need to be there. We were taken to a viewing room, and we could go and give Khan our last byes. He was cremated by himself with his quilt, which he used to lie on, which was great knowing that we were taking Khan back home. Dave was also very understanding, as losing one's dog is, losing a family member. We would have no HESITATION in recommending V C SERVICES, in the future. As you can be assured that you are taking home your love one, and no one else's love one. I would also recommend that should anyone need to put their animals down, bring them home and V C SERVICES will pick them up from your home. As when the vets put them down, they put your loved one in a black plastic bag, which I don't want to see my beloved pet like that. VC SERVICES have proper body bags to collect your love one.

We really can't speak more highly, in the way we were treated and how professional you guys are.

Many thanks again, for Khans great service.


Phil and Cynthia Cheng

My phone number is listed and anyone is most welcome to call me

CBS - Complete Building Supplies (NSW)


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P.O. Box 548

Forestville NSW 2087


To Gordon, Daniel & Troy

Thank you so much for helping me in my time of need. My poodle Mia was like my child & the understanding I received from Troy & Danial  was so comforting (also thank you Gordon for picking her up from the vet) I can't believe how quick I had her back. Words can not express how much I appreciate what you have all done for me & Mia. Lovely personal service.  I am so happy that V.C S  ervices looked after her for me. Thank you so much.

Kim Sutton....


To V.C.Services

Thank you very much for your quick return of our Charlie's ashes. We left Charlie with our vet to be put to rest on Saturday afternoon and were relieved to get a call on Monday to say that Charlie was ready to be pick up. Knowing that Charlie was collected on Saturday and everything was taken care of the so quickly gave tremendous comfort to us all.

We thought the presentation of Charlie's urn, and his certificate was wonderful.

Words cannot describe how much it meant having him returned home to us promptly allowing us to move forward.


Wall familly Chester Hill.


To the Wonderful people at V.C Services,

I want to thank you for the way in which you conducted the cremation of my loyal pet of 11 years, my Chinese Sharpei ,Angel.
It was a very difficult day for me, but felt your sensitive approach to her service made things much easier.
Knowing that she was treated well, right up until the very moment I was handed her ashes in the ceramic Urn which I now place
on a shelf in my home.

I was given as much time as I needed before her cremation to say my final goodbyes, I was not rushed through this.
My Angel looked like an Angel when I kissed her face and patted her for the last time.

The entire process from conversing on the phone, to directions on how to get to the crematorium, to taking me through step by step with an empathetic approach was what made this very sad event so much easier to deal with.

I am touched that I was able to honor my beloved Angel with such a personalised service and know that I placed her in the best of care right through to the end.

Thank you for your sensitive, caring  and personalised service. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to any pet owner wishing to give their pet companion the service that they deserve after many years of love and loyalty.

I take comfort in knowing that wherever life takes me, I will take my Angel with me.

Amanda Sciberras


To Troy Daniel & Gordon,

There is so much we need to thank you for.  When our little boy was put to sleep we were in such a confused and emotional state, when told about your service by our vet, we had so many questions and concerns. After speaking to Troy our concerns were immediately put at ease, and decided to take up the option of being there to say our last good bye before the cremation of our little boy. It was important for us to be there for him because he was always there for us.

When we arrived, Daniel and Gordon really took care of us, it was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do, but are eternally thankful we did and grateful for your service.

Your professionalism and assistance was appreciated very much, it gave us so much comfort to know we were in good hands.

Our little boy we know unequivocally is now back home with us resting in his beautiful urn in the warm afternoon sun, and cherish forever. Mojo is still a little lost without our little Chester but is getting a lot more attention from everyone.

So once again Thanks from Graham & Michelle Evans


Dear Gordon & Team

Your service is truly special, we have had pets in the past and there was no services like what you are offering. I will be putting the word out there telling every pet owner I know about your company, I cannot recommend  you enough.

Lucky was much more than a pet to us and were able to give her the finest goodbye we could.

Thanks for all your patients and genuine care you displayed towards us and our sweet girl. We will miss Lucky terribly for many years to come, but your service made a huge difference.

Glad to have her back home with us  where she should be.

Wilcox family