Veterinary Cremation Services Viewing and Condolence Room

Veterinary Cremation Services

Our service is designed to be transparent and give confidence to the Veterinary industry and their clients. Our door is always open for our clients and Veterinary Staff to see firsthand how we operate. By doing so, allows them to be confident in recommending our service, without hesitation.

When  you want to be sure that you are receiving your pet's cremains, we are able to offer the opportunity to be present during the cremation. We are all about putting the confidence back into the minds of the pet owners.

Our manager comes with years of experience in the industry, and has helped us to develop a service that is changing the way pet cremations are carried out in Australia.

Veterinary Cremation Services is the first pet cremation service to offer a private viewing/condolence room for families that wish be there in person during the cremation of their friend.

We can assist you in creating a fitting ceremony to farewell and to celebrate the life of your special friend.

When arranging the cremation of your pet with your Veterinarian, inform them you wish to take advantage of our viewing room. They will put us into contact with you to then make the arrangements.

On completion of the cremation service you will take home your pet's cremains, with the comfort and confidence, knowing that the cremains are that of your faithful friend. Each pet is cremated separately, and handled throughout the entire process with the same care you would give.


Our service

  • Professional & caring service
  • Each pet is cremated seperately (Individually) & handled respectfuly throughout.
  • Private Viewing room - Condolence room available
  • Personalized pet cremations
  • Return of cremains are within 1-3 Days
  • Return of cremains can be arranged within 6-8 hours if required (additional costs will apply)
  • Cremation of pets not for return of cremains (group cremations)
  • Variety of products to select from to suite your pet.
  • Emergency collections can be arranged from your home by us, or your pet be taken to our facilities by yourself in person.
  • Servicing Sydney metro areas - Wollongong -  Illawarra - Southern Highlands .