Veterinary Cremation Services

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Veterinary Cremation Services

29 The Promenade

Yennora 2161

Veterinary Cremation Services, draws from over 45 years of experience from both the human and pet funeral services, offering a unique service with personalised pet cremations.

Our facilities have been purpose built with state of the art crematorium and viewing/condolence room.

We understand that pet owners today are looking for more when it comes to the cremation of their special friend, because of the unconditional love we receive and special bond we share with our pets has an everlasting impact on our lives. They become much more than just a pet to us.

Our service will give you the freedom to farewell your friend in the way you would like.


Our clients often say....

" was important for us to be there for our boy because he was always there for us...".

"....Although it was difficult for me, I just wanted to be there for them through ...."

"....I cannot express our gratitude to you and how thankful we are of  your wonderful service, it has meant the world to us...."